Are you looking to finish your basement? Finishing your basement not only increases your livable space, but the improvements increase your home’s value. Finishing a basement is an opportunity to create an enjoyable space that fits you and your family’s needs and hobbies. In addition to the usual bedroom, bathroom and living room choices there are certain features that can truly create that fun factor for your family to enjoy their downtime together. Here are some popular choices to consider:

  • Game Room: a finished basement is the perfect place for the kids to hang out, and for storing toys and games. It doesn’t always have to be a place for the parents to relax and have fun! Creating a space that revolves around family time is an excellent choice.
  • Home Theater: create your own movie viewing experience without having to leave the comfort of your home. With the addition of a projection screen, projectors and extremely comfortable seating you can create an enjoyable space that will be incredible for your family and friends.
  • Wet Bar: create the perfect place for entertaining without having to constantly go upstairs to the kitchen. It creates a space for adults to relax with friends and enjoy some down time.
  • Man/Woman Cave: who doesn’t want a place to hang with friends? Create the perfect room to enjoy time with friends in the luxury of your own home, fill it with things you love to do and create the perfect setting that allows you to escape the demands of everyday life.
  • Work Out Room/Gym: home gyms are a great feature for those that want the flexibility to work out when they want, without having to drive anywhere and avoid paying gym fees.
  • Office Space: if you work from home you need a space where you can concentrate, and adding a workspace that’s separate from the rest of the home can allow you to get more done. Eliminate the daily commute and create a space that’s work friendly and allows you to be even more productive.

Whatever you decide to do with the added space, be sure to provide ample lighting to help the space feel more inviting. Even with a theater room that you want to be dark during the movie, it’s a good idea to have great lighting for those times you’re enjoying the space and not watching movies. No matter what you decide is best for your basement, it’s a great way to add functional space to your home. 

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Game Room
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